Mel on the Radio – sort of...

Last March 27th I drove down to the Plymouth Moose Lodge, the venue for a recorded interview with Dave Palmater on Song Sessions, a program conceived by Bob Crownfield. 

Many of you know Dave Palmater from his DJ stints on WUMB-FM, so for me it was an honor and a pleasure to have him listen me to sing my 6-song set, interspersing them with comments and questions about this and that.

To say that it was a bit nerve wracking would be an understatement, but all told it turned out OK. (One always feels one could've done better, but then those of you who know me well know that I ain't much of a talker, especially when the subject is me. 

I hear that the program will be syndicated all over the country, and perhaps even further afield. We shall see then how it turned out, post editing!

Thanks Dave! Thanks Bob!

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