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Open Mic Sydney, Australia

Sydney Open Mic viaZoom

My old friend and folksinging buddy from my Troubadour days back in Jo'burg — Leon Rabinowitz, alerted me to this open mic that has been running for a number of years. They do Theme Nights and this was one that piqued my interest... A night of Simon and Garfunkel, which of course also includes Paul Simon's work. Yes, unbelievably I awoke at 4:15am on Saturday to take part in the event which began at 8pm Sydney time. It was interesting, I learned a bit from the others who played tunes I had previously never considered, and by previous allotment, I sang "Dangling Conversation" and "American Tune" which covered all of the S&G and Simon bases. It was interesting. It was bloody difficult — (Try singing at 7am sometime!) I was exhausted for the rest of the day! Still, I got to hear and meet a few ex-pat South Africans and that was good.


Benefit in Acton

Acton, MA

I was asked to step in at the 11th hour to do an outdoor set with my SAMW friends, "Broken Fingers" Ed Loechler, Sandra Waddock and Jeffrey Benson on this overcast Saturday afternoon out on a field in Acton, while various children-oriented festivities went on around us. I performed a set of my own songs, while Ed did his own set, and Jon Roper (who kindly provided the sound system) did a set of his own. A very pleasant afternoon, even though it rained.


Side Street at the Burren

The Burren Brunch, Somerville, MA

My old band mates, Bob Littman, George Pultz, and Eric Luskin had a brunch gig on a beautiful warm sunny September day outside on the former parking lot of the Burren, a well-regarded tavern in Somerville. They had asked me to join them to sing a few songs which we had done in our "Maple Street Project" days... but one song turned into four and it was a very welcome reunion.