With his expressive tenor voice, smooth, expressive delivery and his experience as a performer. Mel stands out from the pack... ”

Mel Green / Singer-Songwriter

Available for Gigs, House Concerts & Folk Festival appearances. 
During the late 60s in South Africa, Mel often topped the bill at coffeehouses and at South African Folk Festivals. He emigrated to the USA in 1970, he has been active in the New York ('70-'71) and Boston folk scenes (since 1972, with a few breaks when marriage, family and life intervened). 
Mel's smooth tenor voice and singing has been compared to Glen Campbell, John Denver and James Taylor, his unassuming performing style easy to enjoy.
    He was signed to Columbia (South Africa) in the 60s as a solo artist making 1 single before he emigrated.  Before then he and his top-of-the-heap folk trio, Mel, Mel & Julian recorded 3 innovative albums for Columbia South Africa.
   They were a hit for 4 years as a sold-out folk-comedy group all over South Africa in the top echelon of folk singers at the premier coffeehouses and folk festivals. For more info please see Bio links.

Press Photos

Photo by Dan Tappan

Photo by Dan Tappan