4 stars for Mel Green "I’M TAKING MY TIME" CD REVIEW: Veteran South African singer-songwriter Mel Green has been making quality music since the mid-1960s. In those early days he was very much a part of the folk boom, and over the years he has refined his skills developing as a talented finger-pickin’ guitarist and thoughtful and sensitive songwriter possessing a light, heartfelt tenor voice. For some years he has been based in America becoming a skilled performer on the Boston acoustic music scene. This latest album is something of a minor gem, full of songs that reverberate long after the CD has finished spinning. Though romance plays a major role in his songs, he spins others into thought-provoking yarns as with the evocative Rosie’s Sing Along and Desperate Hands (Home) about the immigrants that settled in South Africa (and elsewhere). There’s much reflection and nostalgia running through these songs – most appropriate for a vintage writer like Mel Green.”

— Maverick Digital Magazine

“Great listening to you again. The voice hasn't changed in forty years. Just as great as I remembered it. Lovely melodies... Don't ever stop writing.” – Mel Miller “After nearly 50 years I am still listening and enjoying. Write and sing some more. You will never fade away!” – Ernest Allan Green”

— The Web

You sound GREAT! I'm listening to you right now with a smile on my face.”” - Rya Lauber, St. Petersburg, Florida