Interview with Nick Noble

The Folk Revival on WICN-FM Public Radio, Worcester, Masachusetts

Nick Noble invited me to be interviewed on air on his Thursday evening folk music program. He had read my book "Mel, Julian & Me" and he was very enthusiastic about it. So I drive out to Worcester that night and I went on second after he had interviewed a songwriter form the band Orleans. He asked me which of the Mel, Mel & Julian recordings I'd like him to play and I said "please play anything you like". He chose "The Irish River" a rollicking nonsense song we had recorded for out 3rd album "Miscellanea" and proclaimed that it was the best version of the song he had ever heard! A similar accolade was given to his other choice "Darcy Farrow". Both very welcome compliments from a respected DJ and fervent folk fan! I sang a couple of my own songs after he plugged me, and the fact that I am a present-day singer song-writer. It was all very much appreciated.