1. Wake Up Sleepy
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A song of wishful thinking, about a perfect family life...
The chorus for the song came out of the clear blue... George, Bob and I, and their spouses were enjoying a nice warm evening on Cape Cod in the 90s, playing guitar, singing the tunes we knew and drinking beer. Around 11pm, we heard the neighbor arriving home in his loud sports car... about 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door. The police had arrived, the blue and red light of their cruiser disturbing the otherwise dark and quiet night. Evidently the neighbor had complained that there was a loud party going on next door... the officers were invited inside and found the ladies knitting and chatting quietly, we three gents playing acoustic guitar quietly... they asked us to continue, and left soon afterwards, quite satisfied that we were neither loud, nor was there a party going on...!  The chorus for the song dropped out of the clear blue sky the next morning, the verses (a bit different than this final one) as well.... and at about 10 am we started singing this song to the neighbor, thinking it was high time he got on with his day. There were no more complaints. 
Essentially... I changed the originally vengeful theme of the lyrics to those of quiet contemplation of a perfect family life...  


Day broke bright and beautiful Birds a’twitter and at play
I woke up feeling really good To happily greet the day
Padding quietly through my house
My cats purring all the way
Looked inside my children’s rooms
Opening blinds I’d softly say…
Wake up sleepy, Open up your eyes
The sun is shining And there’s not a single cloud in the sky
Lying in the morning glow, 
You were peacefully sleeping still
Remembering you the night before
There’s no way we could have had our fill
You wondered where we’re headed to
And what we’d had before
Looking deep into each other’s eyes
I said to you once more…
Morning comes, I sing my song
Memories passing through my mind
Breakfast done, pur more coffee on
Every season is just fine…
Years have passed, there came the time
Children grown and gone away
Life is simple, and the house is quiet
Remember the good times and say…