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Overheard ... “I know where that button belongs” one morning over breakfast at a diner.
I made a note and set it aside, until the muse beckoned after I had moved up to Gloucester
during a pivotal time in my life... which offered me a second chance at life,
a realization that every day we have is precious and worth savoring.


I’m making that climb to where heaven begins
Dead ends and highways, many adventurous things
I figured it out, I know where that button belongs
Boxes and closet, filled with life’s rights and wrongs
My crow’s feet reflect these good days in the sun
My frown furrows show, 
where some damage was done
And when smiles crease my cheeks
Reveal the joys deep within
Quarrels and lemons make the dents in my chin
I’m slowing down, walking beaches and fields
Take the long way around, finding wonderful things
Old times remembered, many of life’s lessons learned
When I look into mirrors, I see how time has turned
So ... I’m taking my time,  
knowing life won’t slow down
I’ll follow that line from Adam on down
I’m going to live for today, 
don’t care how time has fled
My path shows the way, 
There’s a clear way ahead