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About an old relationship in my 20s with an art school friend that went nowhere.(I've sometimes wondered how my kissing friend’s life turned out, and whether she eventually found lasting happiness.)
About an old relationship that went nowhere. I wonder how my kissing friend’s life turned out, and whether she eventually found lasting happiness


I went to see her 
Quite late at night 
I was a dreamer
And we would never fight

We talked and kissed a lot 
By the grey moonlight 
I never said I loved her 
You never thought I might
Sometimes when I get to thinking   
I wonder what might have been  
I was always leaving
You were always in-between
And so we passed each other 
Like fast trains in the night
Getting further from each other 
Looking for love at night 
What could you be doing now? 
My beautiful kissing friend
Do you have a family?
Do you remember those things we said?
And when your nights are lonely  
Do you you remember me?
And how we came to start 
Those nights of ecstacy.