1. All This Time
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At last, our paths converged. A completely unexpected introduction to the woman who is the love of my life, led to my recollecting the events that marked the way our bond was forged...how simple acts can lead to deep love, yearning, hope and fulfillment... 
This one is for my darling.


How could it be 
she’s been there all this time.
Almost gave up on true love
And I was only biding time
Hoping for one true love
Your voice drew me in 
So warm, good and secure
Are you the one 
for whom I yearn
For love, simple and pure?
Blue eyes, grey curls, 
so slim and curved
A mind so quick and kind
We talked about 
our common worlds
Not loud, not crude, sublime
Walking beaches under winter skies
Quite unaware of time
Your tingling touch, your smiling eyes
I helped your rocky climb
I asked were you single still?
Reveals my inner need
Perhaps desire to fulfill
On wings to me you’ll speed
I yearn for you as sun is set
Warmed by this new desire
Day breaks your vision fills my head
Kindling my inner fire
There’s a kindred soul for everyone
So long I hoped and prayed
Where is she God, where can she be?
Years in wilderness I strayed
And so I recognized my love one day
It’s you for whom I’ve prayed
You are sweet and kind, and so I say...
It is you for whom I’ve craved.
How could it be  
you’ve been there all this time.
Almost gave up on true love
We were only biding time
We have found our one true love