The last 36 Months...

... 2019, ‘20 and ’22 have been a downer to almost every performer, songwriter and listener I know.

However, like most people I know, the enforced time spent at home has not been wasted. I have been playing music every day, either rehearsing the sets I most often play, or re-learning my older material, in order to remember them, and to play the guitar parts as fluidly as possible. They say it is all good for one's brain. 
     Songwriting continues, if only because the muse is free to roam and pop in whenever it pleases, sometimes in the wee hours of the morn. I have another 13 songs that I might just record.

     Guitars need to be played, maintained, humidified, cleaned and stored to suit every season of our fluctuating northern climate. 

    And, I have even written a book (on a dare) which I began in 2019! It is all about how music entered my life and stayed. How I began to play straight out of high school, and how serendipity led to harmony when I met Mel Miller... and then how we became a most unexpected hit at The Troubadour. look for it, you will enjoy it! 

It is titled "Mel, Julian & Me" by Mel L. Green available in very nicely designed Softcover from Amazon Books, and on Kindle.

    Another highlight in 2021, was being invited to appear live to be interviewed on Nick Noble's show on WICN-FM radio, when he played his favourite Mel, Mel & Julian tracks from the good old days, and I also played a couple of songs. A most enjoyable few hours with a gent who really knows his folk-music and who is also a fan.

    Finally, during the enforced free time, I wrote, compiled and published a book entitled, “The Folk Scene in South Africa Since the Sixties” under my nom-de-publishing, (by Mel L. Green) as it seems there are numerous Mel Green's of every persuasion in our world… the reason for this was simply that no one has written a book on the subject, not a mention on Wikipedia, which is a shame.

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