VIdeo Performances

An invitation to make a video recording for Studio Sessions Live at the HCAM studios in Hopkinton, Massachusetts in March, 2014, had me reheasing for the show with my stalwart bandmate and friend, Eric Luskin.
We trekked out to this lovely little town (which is noted for being the start of the Boston Marathon, by the way...) and set up in the pleasant studio environment there, hosted by Bob Crownfield, the creative force behind this series. A number of songs were recorded for the 45 minute show, and here are two of them.
I hope you enjoy my very first voyage into ( for me) the heretofore unknown territory of video performance.

My song "Movie Dream" was recorded at Studio Sessions: Live HCAM IN Hopkinton 3/26/14

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I'm in there somewhere, amongst some remarkable performers.

This link is for "Wake up Sleepy".

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