Nice things people say about Mel's performances!

“I was there… and you brought class to the stage with your instinctive ensemble skill.
And then your solo set…. beautiful, thoughtful songs, sensitive guitar playing, clean, crisp vocal delivery… you have it in abundance (as you always did.) It was a MELODIOUS set!” – Des Lindberg in the audience at TJs Music Club, Johannesburg, South Africa


“A delightful feature set – wonderful songs and arrangements. Bravo!” Ellen Schmidt, Boston Open Mic Host

"I was there, it was a great set and the singing was sublime. No one wanted you to stop." Randall Kromm at Mel's Emerson Umbrella Open Mic Feature Set.

"Great listening to you again. The voice hasn't changed in forty years. Just as great as I remembered it. Lovely melodies.. Don't ever stop writing." – Mel Miller, Johannesburg, South Africa

 "I was transported by your music to a place that somehow spoke to my heart. It was inspirational. You've really created something quite beautiful, a treasure, a work of fine art. You reminded me what is possible with words and voice, acoustic guitars and other instruments. I loved your melodies. I loved your voice. I loved your music. You've created something you should be exceedingly proud of. This CD won't go in a drawer somewhere, I'll be enjoying it for a very long time. Thank-you sharing this with me and the world." – Steve Gyurina, Massachusetts, USA

 “I'm taking my time”... truly beautiful. I had to sit down to listen – stunning... filled with joy and imagery...a visual feast for the ears :) Just brilliant! Thank you, for all the wonderful music. – Shelley Ford, UK

 "I have been listening to your excellent CD all week and I love, love, love it! The songs have great melodies and equally beautiful messages. You are an incredible songwriter. Congratulations on a masterpiece album.... it is just beautiful. And your voice is gorgeous. Well done." – Ruthann Baler, Massachusetts, USA

 "You really put your heart and soul into it - I think it's great that you had so many musicians to contribute to your songs and that your muso friends supported you. Your voice still sounds like I remember - voices don't have to age, do they? They just get better!" – Caroline Blundell, Cape Town, South Africa

 "Love your site and your music, Mel!" – Dean Driver, SAMW Camper 

 Mel writes beautiful songs that draw in his audiences, whether they are listening to a recording or witnessing a live performance. His fine playing and beautiful voice draw his listeners in. He often writes songs that encourage audience participation - they invite harmonies! His words are well-crafted, his music always shines through, and his arrangements are excellent!" – Ellen Schmidt, Greater Boston area's doyen of the Open Mic scene.

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