Singing for Myself (Mostly)

As have many old folkies, songwriters and many friends who've always wanted to do so – we've been singing and playing for ourselves. Solitary, yet essential. For me this is exercise.

If the reports are to believed, more musical instruments have been purchased during this awful pandemic than during many preceding years. No surprise... we have to do more than the day to day. like watching too much TV!

I make a point of playing guitar, learning new songs, working up old favourites and learning my own tunes, and in so doing making them better by repetition.

Regretfully, my gigs at Senior Centers stopped suddenly over a year ago, as did those of many performers who make their living from every gigging opportunity that could be found. For me this was rather sad, if only because I had found that elderly audiences give back more than one could ever give them. 

The feedback I have received from these lovely older people was "from the heart". Truthful. Real. Priceless.

God Bless these people. They obviously crave entertainment of almost any kind. It turned out that this white-hair was of the same mindset. I enjoy playing for anyone, and I found that their receptiveness was of an especially catchy nature.

So, in actuality, I have not been singing for myself, which made my efforts very special.

Knowing that this particular audience has a lot of music embedded in their synapses (however often I was told that the elderly are forgetful) because I dug up many tunes they already knew, and they enjoyed my versions, played with one guitar, sung with one voice. Sometimes the occasional singalong was joyful, as these elders sang with broken voices, smiles and twinkling eyes! Songs they knew and have never forgotten.

I am looking forward to doing this again. Please God – soon.

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