Memories are made of them...

2014 was a year of much change all over this tiny blue planet.

The music world, such as it is in this modern era of instant celebrity, and equally equal obscurity changed a lot too. 

One's personal musical tastes were fortunately much entertained and fulfilled, thanks to the many examples of wonderful music available to anyone with a computer, an iPod, iPhone and yes, even a turntable, as vinyl made a minor come-back.

The music world at large lost it's share of giants… those of us fortunate to have heard them, met them and admired them were saddened at the news of those who ascended to that great choir in the sky.

I particularly will miss… 

Pete Seeger, the pied-piper of folk since my pre-teens, and mentor to so many of us folkies.

Phil Everly, duo harmony singer, and a source of my most pleasurable listening moments as a teenager and beyond.

Jesse Winchester, the modest and very effective singer songwriter… 

all were consummate musicians, songwriters and singers. 

Charlie Haden, bass player supreme.

Bobby Womack, R&B legend. 

Gerry Goffin, songwriter extraordinaire, who wrote so many hits with Carole King.

Paco De Lucia, flamenco guitarist. 

Johnny WInter, Bluesman.

Mortals all, these extraordinary people made an indelible mark on the music world.

Condolensces to all of us who cherished their contributions.

Lesser known to most of you, the following notables of South African origin…

Johnny Boshoff, a wonderful jazz guitarist.

Ben Segal, the quiet yet influential founder of 3rd Ear Music, who recorded many South African folk singers, and assembled a huge music archive in Johannesburg.

Ritchie Morris, once part of the Johannesburg folk-comedy duo, Ian and Ritchie. A wonderful tenor singer and guitarist, originally from Wales via Rhodesia… a friendly rival during the great folk scare of the 60s.

Mo England, one of the finest  women singers in the South African folk scene.
They will all be fondly remembered.

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