Wishes for 2013

I read an article in a recent issue of what was The Boston Phoenix, (which has become a glossy weekly heralding all that's new and hip and going on in and around Boston)... the subject was about the demise of the "pop scene", and the factors which have driven it since as long as I can remember – radio play, the Top 40, recordings and so on.

Anyway, since record stores are going the way of the dinosaur, it seems that the young people of today might replace all those wonderful cultural markers with tweets and constant attention to their hand-held devices. 

If that is so, then I really pity them, if only because a lack of musical references in one's life and times is probably going to leave our successors even more superficially shallow than they already seem to be. I truly hope this applies to a small portion of them, because, I truly feel that to be an active participant of this world, one has to have some significant cultural markers to trace one's existence in this world.

Time will tell, I suppose... stay tuned for more ramblings.

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