Radio... or, if you're from someplace else you could get lucky?

I just received an email from DJ Peter Van Zeijl that music from my CD "I'm Taking My Time" is on the playlist for Folk en Zo ( Broadcasted every Wednesday evening from 8 until 10 (local time Holland) on Dollard Radio ( 105.8 FM coming from Winschoten, the Netherlands! 

Yes, I am very pleased and honored that my humble efforts are being played overseas... and (full disclosure) I was also approached via email by old acquaintances from South Africa to ask me to send music to them in other parts of the world. So, I hear that "I" am being played in Hobart, Tasmania; Durban, South Africa... and a couple of other countries as well.  

As I mentioned, I am truly chuffed (i.e. pleased) that this is happening, for many reasons other than having my ego stroked... and that my music is being re-discovered by old and new acquaintances.

These days, as one of the multitudes of DIY musicians, I have "invested" a ton of my own meagre financial resources into making my own CD. We do this for many reasons: but in my case, and I am certain I am not alone here, this latest and only solo CD was made because if I did not do it, I might never have the opportunity again, so I "did it myself" after much toil, sweat, and self-examination. 

But, can I get it played locally? (Other than on WICN, Worcester, Massachusetts... Thank you, Nick Noble!) I don't really know. Maybe, and I am almost positive about this: it may be because I recorded parts of it at home, and the fancy bits in a local well-equipped studio, pulling in the help and talent of musicians I know and have played with for years, I also produced it myself. Maybe that was a mistake. One can hardly expect to be that self-critical, or can one? Next time, I will hire a producer, if I can afford one.

In retrospect, I am sure I could have sung a lot better, and perhaps not approached some of the vocals like an actor might (and besides,I was 66 years old at the time I completed the recording sessions, and no, I can no longer sing like John Denver or other wonderful vocalists... maybe I should have tried. Aaaah, ain't hindsight wonderful?) 

So, I join many of my local compatriot musos here in the greater Boston area, who have their own CDs to flog, in wishing that our local 24-7 folk station would play our music... but then, I don't expect they will... what the hey, I 'll just keep on mailing out my CD to radio stations in other parts of the country and the world at large... perhaps I will hear about more airplay, perhaps not, but like a lot of others, there are boxes and boxes of "product" down in mine and their basements, keeping our homes from flying away in a high wind. Who said music isn't useful?


Heck, why not just navigate over to my music page, and listen to my stuff there. (Although: it would sound a lot better on the CD, on your own player... really!)

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