Singing for Myself (Mostly)

As have many old folkies, songwriters and many friends who've always wanted to do so – we've been singing and playing for ourselves. Solitary, yet essential. For me this is exercise.

If the reports are to believed, more musical instruments…


My South African Trip – Going Home

My Homepage for the last 3 months or so began with these paragraphs of promotion... Mel Green returns to South Africa...  Appearing in Cape Town
The Barleycorn Music Club on Wednesday March 21st at 3pm at the Saggy Stone Restaurant…





Welcome testimonials formerly on my Guest Book page... 

“After nearly 50 years I am still listening and enjoying. Write and sing some more. You will never fade away!” – Your old mate Ernie.

“Love your site and your music, Mel!”…


Perfect Harmony?



A blend of voices.

Two. Three. Or four or more voices.

The female timbres.

Soprano. Mezzo soprano. Alto. Even tenor.

The male voices. 

Bass, baritone, tenor, and sometimes even counter-tenor.

When I first became aware of how sublime harmony…



Woodshedding: A term for concentrating on practicing guitar, learning new songs, licks, styles of playing. Thinking about one's way of presenting oneself in performance. Navel gazing. Listening to others. Listening to oneself. This last year has been one where I've…


Memories are made of them...

2014 was a year of much change all over this tiny blue planet.

The music world, such as it is in this modern era of instant celebrity, and equally equal obscurity changed a lot too. 

One's personal musical tastes were…


Wishes for 2013

I read an article in a recent issue of what was The Boston Phoenix, (which has become a glossy weekly heralding all that's new and hip and going on in and around Boston)... the subject was about the demise of…


Nerves, if you don't have 'em you must be dead.

Nerves... oy! An invitation to be one of four singer-songwriters at a new venue was received and accepted about a month ago. My friend Chuck Williams who was one of the invitees, generously recommended me to fill the bill. I…



What's in a name? 


Well, my mother named me Melvyn... evidently after the actor Melvyn Douglas, who was quite the heart throb in the late 30s, 40s and on into the 50s... I know, she dragged me along to many…