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Mel Green: Photos

August 2017 with Chip Canty at Summer Acoustic Music Camp (Photo by Dan Tappan)
Mel PCA 2017
Mel at Summer Acoustic Music Week, July 2013
Paul Lee. Mel and Eric Luskin on stage at TCAN.
With longtime band buddies, The Maple Street Project, at a Needham, MA concert.
Mel solos at TCAN.
WIth the Maple Street Project at the SAMW stage at the Boston Folk Festival.
A photocollage using Michael Maloney's portrait and my own photo of Coffin Beach in Gloucester
Paul, Mel & Eric feature at Savoury Lane, West Acton, Mass.
Eric, Mel and Paul at the RiverFest, Pawtucket, Mass.
Mel sings backup harmony for Kate Campbell, at the South Shore Folk Music Club.
Mel opens at OneWorld Coffehouse, Essex, Mass.
SInging to an inquisitive equine, Dulcinea in Utah, 2004
Mel & Mel singing "The Coachman" a cocktail hour gig in East London, South Africa in 1964.
Me Green (l) and Mel Miller (r) audition Julian Laxton for their first Columbia recording session,1964.
Julian, Mel and Me at University of Cape Town, Jameson Hall Concert, 1965
A youthful Mel solo in South Africa, 1968.