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Mel Green: News & Views

The Loop SInger-Songwriter Concerts at the Armory - May 3, 2018

Hear Local Singer Songwriters perform at 
The Loop Singer-Songwriter Concerts at the Armory 
in Somerville...

Mel Green, Chip Canty & Dan Devlin
present an evening of their own literate songs...

on the 24th of May at 7pm.

The Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville. 

Mel Green coming to Cape Town & Johannesburg - February 22, 2018

A trip to South Africa in March and April has opened up a few gigs which I am really looking forward to.

So, it would be great to see you at:

The Barleycorn Club, in Claremont, Cape Town on Wednesday, 21st of March 
[The concert goes from 2 - 9 pm]  Mel's set is at 3pm.

TJs Folk Club
in Emmerentia, Johannesburg on Thursday the 12th of April, 7 - 10pm

MEL at the PCA in Westford this Sunday evening. - February 26, 2017

It will be an honor to Feature 

this coming Sunday evening the 26th at the PCA in Westford. 
Hosted by the one and only John Ferullo!

I'm looking forward to serenading you with a bunch of NEW songs.

They start at 6:30 and I will play a 30 minute set around 8:00pm.

See you there? Please, come on out and support this great open mic... 
Bring your sweetie, your friends, your family, better yet... 
 bring a song and sign up for the open mic. 
Or just be there to relax and listen at this terrific venue.


Just type this address into your mapping device and go!

Parish Center for the Arts 

10 Lincoln Street

Westford, MA 01886
(978) 692-6333



See you there.... Mel Green


Mel on the Radio – sort of... - May 5, 2016

Last March 27th I drove down to the Plymouth Moose Lodge, the venue for a recorded interview with Dave Palmater on Song Sessions, a program conceived by Bob Crownfield. 

Many of you know Dave Palmater from his DJ stints on WUMB-FM, so for me it was an honor and a pleasure to have him listen me to sing my 6-song set, interspersing them with comments and questions about this and that.

To say that it was a bit nerve wracking would be an understatement, but all told it turned out OK. (One always feels one could've done better, but then those of you who know me well know that I ain't much of a talker, especially when the subject is me. 

I hear that the program will be syndicated all over the country, and perhaps even further afield. We shall see then how it turned out, post editing!

Thanks Dave! Thanks Bob!

My Valentines Day Gig - February 12, 2016

Mel Green Valentines Day Gig...

It would be marvelous to sing for you this Sunday evening!

I've been invited to feature at the PCA in Westford next Sunday evening, hosted by the inimitable John Ferullo. 

Bring your sweetie, bring a (love) song and sign up for the open mic. Or just be there to relax and listen.
It promises to be something different! I'm looking forward to serenading you.

The show starts at 6:30 and my 30 minute set begins around 8:00.

See you there?

Mel's CD! - October 9, 2015


Mel's solo CD is now 5 years old and still holding up well... if yo haven't heard it, by all means listen to the sample tracks on the player here,m but when played on a good stereo system all the nuances jump out at you. For a Do it yourself project it was produced very well.

Mel Green completed his first solo recordings in July 2010... and the result, "I'm Taking My Time", a purposely varied collection of songs. Varied genres... folk, ballads, folk-rock, blues, pop and even South African flavored beats and instruments!

All of the songs are originals, and two were co-written, with bass player Eric Luskin ("Twilight Mystery" has currently made it to #25 on the Reverbnation local charts!)... and "There's a light on the hill" recorded with Bob Littman and George Pultz, friends and co-members of their folk rock band, The Maple Street Project.

VIdeo Performances - August 9, 2014

An invitation to make a video recording for Studio Sessions Live at the HCAM studios in Hopkinton, Massachusetts in March, 2014, had me reheasing for the show with my stalwart bandmate and friend, Eric Luskin.
We trekked out to this lovely little town (which is noted for being the start of the Boston Marathon, by the way...) and set up in the pleasant studio environment there, hosted by Bob Crownfield, the creative force behind this series. A number of songs were recorded for the 45 minute show, and here are two of them.
I hope you enjoy my very first voyage into ( for me) the heretofore unknown territory of video performance.

My song "Movie Dream" was recorded at Studio Sessions: Live HCAM IN Hopkinton 3/26/14

Please copy and paste the link below into your browser....

and when the song is finished, click on SSL which will eventually take you to the video performances section... 

I'm in there somewhere, amongst some remarkable performers.

This link is for "Wake up Sleepy".

Nice things people say about Mel's performances! - July 30, 2014

“I was there… and you brought class to the stage with your instinctive ensemble skill.
And then your solo set…. beautiful, thoughtful songs, sensitive guitar playing, clean, crisp vocal delivery… you have it in abundance (as you always did.) It was a MELODIOUS set!” – Des Lindberg in the audience at TJs Music Club, Johannesburg, South Africa


“A delightful feature set – wonderful songs and arrangements. Bravo!” Ellen Schmidt, Boston Open Mic Host

"I was there, it was a great set and the singing was sublime. No one wanted you to stop." Randall Kromm at Mel's Emerson Umbrella Open Mic Feature Set.

"Great listening to you again. The voice hasn't changed in forty years. Just as great as I remembered it. Lovely melodies.. Don't ever stop writing." – Mel Miller, Johannesburg, South Africa

 "I was transported by your music to a place that somehow spoke to my heart. It was inspirational. You've really created something quite beautiful, a treasure, a work of fine art. You reminded me what is possible with words and voice, acoustic guitars and other instruments. I loved your melodies. I loved your voice. I loved your music. You've created something you should be exceedingly proud of. This CD won't go in a drawer somewhere, I'll be enjoying it for a very long time. Thank-you sharing this with me and the world." – Steve Gyurina, Massachusetts, USA

 “I'm taking my time”... truly beautiful. I had to sit down to listen – stunning... filled with joy and imagery...a visual feast for the ears :) Just brilliant! Thank you, for all the wonderful music. – Shelley Ford, UK

 "I have been listening to your excellent CD all week and I love, love, love it! The songs have great melodies and equally beautiful messages. You are an incredible songwriter. Congratulations on a masterpiece album.... it is just beautiful. And your voice is gorgeous. Well done." – Ruthann Baler, Massachusetts, USA

 "You really put your heart and soul into it - I think it's great that you had so many musicians to contribute to your songs and that your muso friends supported you. Your voice still sounds like I remember - voices don't have to age, do they? They just get better!" – Caroline Blundell, Cape Town, South Africa

 "Love your site and your music, Mel!" – Dean Driver, SAMW Camper 

 Mel writes beautiful songs that draw in his audiences, whether they are listening to a recording or witnessing a live performance. His fine playing and beautiful voice draw his listeners in. He often writes songs that encourage audience participation - they invite harmonies! His words are well-crafted, his music always shines through, and his arrangements are excellent!" – Ellen Schmidt, Greater Boston area's doyen of the Open Mic scene.

2011 – 2012 Gigs and Activities - December 18, 2012

The last three months of 2011 included opportunities to play out at Open Mics around Boston, with no gigs planned until August, when Nourish Restaurant in Lexington, MA hosts a night of "Mel Green & Friends"...

Appearances at the Lincoln Open Mic solo, and with friends Amy Lohman and Brad Meyer were a lot of fun and new three-part harmonies with them were great fun, sounded really good and inquiries when the new group would appear were asked. Very encouraging.

The beginning of 2012 was quiet, and now almost half way through February, I'm mulling over new directions, and ways to introduce songs that American audiences have never heard, including songs by my old friends from South Africa... this was brought about by an invitation for a couple of future radio shows which will center on music from the "hidden Years" when South Africa was blocked by an embargo that encompassed not only economic sanctions but also cultural.

Meaning: a lot of wonderful music was never heard beyond the borders of South Africa, and its a shame that it never was. I credit my old friend and colleague in folk music, David Marks for his never-yielding endeavours to make this period known to the world. (Visit

Every so often, I pull one of those old'ish South African songs out of my songbag when taking part at an Open Mic...  find it rather interesting that Americans tend to give the impression that they may be just a bit too xenophobic... that is, in my opinion they know very little about countries which have supported the USA in some way or other over the last century or two. South Africa was, and is still a resource for raw materials, especially mined ore. Gold, uranium, copper, and other rare metals to name a few. 

I sang "Mountains of Men" (about the gold mines) and "Shiny Fairy Gold" (about an old diamond prospector) by South African songwriter, David Marks recently at the Lincoln Library Open Mic to a hushed and interested audience.... and in the future I will present a few more by him and other writers, who never saw the limelight beyond South Africa's shores.

Watch this space for more.

Fun Gigs! - November 17, 2011

After Labor Day the Open Mic scene started up again, and there are many venues to consider to try out new material... while I was at SAMW (Summer Acoustic Music Week, I had the great pleasure of singing with my good friends Amy Lohman, Liz Buchanan, and Brad Meyer, who backed me up on my Student Concert song, the 50s classic "Twilight Time", which was the most fun to work on and perform. I also backed up Brad Meyer on "Take a message to Mary". We reprised those songs at the Lincoln Library Open Mic in September, and at the Rockport Peace Festival to great acclaim from the audiences. 

Since then I had a solo gig in Marlborough at the CoffeeLoft, suggested to me by my friend and wonderful singer-songwriter Jon McAuliffe. That gig was wonderful. The venue is perfect for an intimate performance with an audience that actually listens! Amy Lohman and I shared the hour time slot. I backed her on some of her wonderful songs and she reciprocated on mine. I hope we get an opportunity to perform there again soon. If I say so myself, our voices blend wonderfully...

Summer has been really quiet... other than a return gig in June at a retirement center, NewBridge, a retirement community in Dedham, MA, which was enjoyable to perform and judging from comments afterwards, enjoyable for the audience as well. Paul Lee did the honors on the beautiful grand piano, and occasional harmony. The set list was a departure for me: primarily old cover songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s, and which were songs I have heard growing up and beyond, in other words, old favorites.

The Singer-Songwriter gig at the Somerville Armory (5/14/11) was very enjoyable... sharing the stage with the inimitable Michael Troy, Perry Desmond-Davies and Chuck Williams, was an honor and a pleasure, besides being initially nerve-wracking for me, as it was the first gig in many years that I've done armed only with my guitar, and no supporting band. Kudos to the organizer, John Fuzek of RI, who puts on monthly singer-songwriter shows at this very warm and intimate venue.

Meanwhile I am looking for gigs, preferably the paying kind.

The gig at NewBridge, a retirement community in Dedham, MA, (12/4/10) was a most pleasant and unusual gig... accompanied by Paul Lee (grand piano, keyboard, electric bass & ukulele) and Hector Hambides (tenor and soprano saxophones, flute and bongos), who helped me present an unusual set of songs. We enjoyed ourselves and so did they... I would really like to do this kind of venue again!

The feature at The Emerson Umbrella was magical... I was warmed up, in the zone, and the guys were playing very, very  well! The set zipped past and I received some wonderful comments and compliments afterwards. A big thank you to Ellen Schmidt and the sound guys who helped us pull it all together for a memorable show! 

Our Feature at TCAN on October 25th was a great pleasure. Playing on a big stage with Eric, Paul and Hector in a venue that is perfect for listening was very enjoyable. Many Thanks to Phil & Trish Knudsen the wonderful hosts and to the audience and players that attended that Monday Night!

Mel Green and his Expanded Band featured at the Lincoln Library Open Mic on the 13th of September... this was their first gig as a quintet, and it all went down very well. There was a lot of love out there, and the feeling was mutual. Looking forward to the others coming up soon. See the calendar for more dates, if you missed this one.

“A delightful set – wonderful songs and arrangements. Bravo!” Ellen Schmidt

"I was there, it was a great set and the singing was sublime. No one wanted you to stop." Randall Kromm

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