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Mel Green: Songs & Lyrics

Mel Solo Shuffle New

I'll Be Here

(by Mel Green© 2009 Mel Green, Mel Green, MelGreen Publishing, BMI)

Thinking About Your Eyes

(Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI and G.S. Pultz, Pultzongs, Ltd.)

Desaperate Hands (Home) Live

(Mel Green)
April 12, 2018
Mel Green

See lyrics in recordings section.

Rosie's Singalong

(by Mel Green© 2009 Mel Green, MelGreen Publishing, BMI)
July 1, 2009
Mel Green

Wake Up Sleepy

(Mel Green)
July 2, 2011
Mel Green ©2010, MelGreen Publishing. BMI

Twilight Mystery

(Mel Green, written by Mel Green & EricMel Green, Lyrics by M.Green MelGreen Publishing, BMI music by E. Luskin, Awking Songs, BMI)

Desperate Hands (Home)

(by Mel Green)
by Mel Green, © 2010 MelGreen Publishing, BMI

Shadows In The Hall

(Mel Green)
July, 2010
Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI

All This Time

(Mel Green, M.Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing, BMI)

God's Domain

(Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI)

All Kinds of Love

Always In-Between

(Mel Green ©2010, MelGreen Publishing. BMI)

Old Flowers Die

(Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI)
July 1, 2017

I'm Taking My Time

(Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI)

There's A Light On The Hill

(Mel Green, ©2010, MelGreen Publishing. BMI)

The Water is Wide

(Mel Green)
Sunday, July 29

Mister Nico