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Mel Green: Songs & Lyrics

There's A Light On The Hill

(Mel Green, ©2010, MelGreen Publishing. BMI)

About the miracle of the lights of Chanukah and the fight for freedom against tyranny.

This song was written to bring a new and straight-forward approach to the sung story of Chanukah.

There is no mention of dreydels, Hammantassen or the more frivolous annual reminders of what is really a minor holiday in the Jewish calendar. Nevertheless, the basic story is one which is usually glossed over... that of the integrity of a small band of people, who refused to submit to the demands of a would-be conqueror, and who ultimately paid the supreme price to maintain their integrity and their monotheistic faith.

There’s a light on the hill, 

In the distance there’s a light. 

There’s a light shining still In the night


There’s an army at the gate. There’s an army at the walls. 

They’re gathered at the gate and at the walls 

They set siege for seven days. 

For seven days they were besieged. 

We’ve had hope for 7 days, we’ve had hope


If we could persevere for just another day

If for one more day we could outlast the siege

And for one more day and night, 

the lamp flickered in the breeze.

 Another night ’twas blazing in the breeze


And the oil in the lamps had almost burned away

The lamps have almost burned for seven days

There’s a light on the hill.

In the distance there’s a light. 

There’s a light shining still In the night


So we light the lamp again at this joyous time of year

To remember Judah & the Maccabees

For eight days we light the lamps. 

Eight days we light the lamps, 

to remember Judah and the Maccabees


There’s a light shining still In the night 

There’s a light shining still...