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Mel Green: Songs & Lyrics

All Kinds of Love

(Mel Green)
July 29, 2011
David Marks

I recorded this song soon after I had "gone solo" back in 1968. My label at the time, Columbia, knew I was about to go into theatre in a literary review called "All Kinds of Love", for which my friend David Marks had specially written this song... and were very positive about having a 45 single released which I could promote during the time the show ran (from May of '68, and then again as a supper-club show during '69, followed by a town to town tour of the Eastern and Northern Transvaal, sponsored by PACT (Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal)... a wonderful time with two exceptional actors, the producer and lead, Fiona Frazer and a gentleman whose name escapes me all these years later. (FYI: David had originally been asked to fill the interlocutory role in the review – narrating introductions and singing a few songs, in-between literary bits, but he recommended me for the role instead. It turned out to be a fascinating experience, because I soon found myself actually acting in support of the other two thespians, and even did a little solo turn myself, earning some very positive reviews in the local newspapers!