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Mel Green: Songs & Lyrics

Mister Nico

(Mel Green)
July 29, 2011
David Marks

I recorded this song soon after I had "gone solo" back in 1968. I informed my contact at my label at the time, Columbia, that I was hired to take part in the theatre in a literary review called "All Kinds of Love", and they were very positive about having a 45 single released which I could promote during the time the show ran (from May of '68, and then again as a supper-club show during '69, followed by a town to town tour of the Eastern and Northern Transvaal, sponsored by PACT, the Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal)... I enjoyed a wonderful time with two exceptional actors, the producer and lead, Fiona Frazer and a gentleman whose name escapes me all these years later. It was a time of transition, which proved that I was quite capable of holding my own on-stage.

Broken window, bolted door

Dust lies thick upon the floor

Soon machines and men will be

Breaking down what's part of me.


Through the concrete, through the steel

I see things no others will

Not just wealth, but heartbreak too

And I wonder what poor Nick will do


Close up shop Mister Nico

That's what the big man said

Make way fro concrete and steel

And no one even cared.


Now time will change, and time will choose

Who's to win and who's to lose

Progress can for many men

Be the start rot be the end.