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Mel Green: Songs & Lyrics

God's Domain

(Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI)

Most of us live in suburbia, work in cities large and small.

We all need beautiful vistas to look out on and clean air to breathe...

you, I, and every sentient being.
I wrote this song after being particularly tired of working in the city

and yearning for the outdoors, especially one place I'd spent time at in western New Jersey. 

If I found what I was looking for

I’d have it all today

I would go out to the countryside

Where the grass is green and tall

And the air blows free over all

Of God’s domain


May I dedicate this little song to you

A love of mine

Your water is like wine

And your creatures all live free

There’s a bird in every tree

And their songs float free over all

In God’s domain


There’s a place back in my mind

That I go to when I’m so tired 

Of working all day long 

In this dirty old town

And my frown just goes away

When I remember deer at play

There’s a bird in every tree

And their song floats free over all

of God’s domain