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Mel Green: Songs & Lyrics

Thinking About Your Eyes

(Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI and G.S. Pultz, Pultzongs, Ltd.)

Moonbeams made magic as I drove home from a band rehearsal late on a cool summer night. I didn’t stop at home, but instead drove a few miles further on to the beach, where I took a walk on the dark strand and came upon the embers of a dying fire, while the ceaseless sounds of the ocean and night birds brought on a yearning for that someone I had yet to meet... this all inspired me with the idea for this song’s creation. My band mate and good friend George Pultz and I got together to write one Sunday afternoon, and I brought most of these lyrics along, and together we created this song.

I’m thinking about your eyes     
On this cold clear summer night 
I can hear the trees sigh
Even the night birds are keeping quiet

And I wonder as I watch the fire   

Sparks and smoke drifting up into the sky     

And I wonder what you’re doing tonight  

Sand patterns are changing with the tide   


If you were sitting here with me

Looking out at the wondrous night 

Your hair is blowing in the breeze

I can almost feel you by my side


So I wonder as I watch the sky   

Naming the stars within my sight  

And I wonder what you’re doing tonight  

Waves ebb and flow beyond the firelight 


Telling the truth, I know that I’m, 

Not looking for love

I’ll be prepared. 

Time will come and I know you’ll be there


And I wonder how it would be

If you were sitting here by the fire

Snuggling close by the hissing sea

There’s poetry the stars above inspire

So I’m following the curve of the beach

As I walk alone out into the night
And my thoughts fly up to the stars

You could be walking this beach with me tonight...